Canada - ThruMarzena'sLens
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"A few minutes from Quebec City enchanting Park da la Chute-Montmorency is an invitation to relax. The awe-inspiring 272 ft. tall waterfall, which is 98.5 ft higher then Niagara Falls, is bordered by trials and lookouts. The view is stunning from every point whether you taking cable car, climbing 487 panoramic steps which winds it's way up the cliffside or strolling across suspension bridge.
I the winter park takes on a whole new look and special charm. You can stroll up to the base of falls to admire the Sugarloaf. Formed by frozen spray, this giant cone measures over 100 feet and it's favorite spot for sledding." Too bad, that this winter wasn't cold enough and the Sugarloaf is really small. During the really cold winters you can climb frozen walls of the falls!

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